Kauli Seadi - BRA 253

The Brazilian windsurfing hero, with an attitude no one could blame.

Status: Current world champion Wave (2007)

Marcilio Browne - BRA 105

The young Brazilian who chocked the world 2007 by winning the PWA freestyle. And there is more potential in this guy.

Status: Current world champion freestyle (2007)

Kevin Pritchard - USA 3

The Hawaiian who has blessed us with magnificant surf for over a decade.

Status: Former world champion Wave

Baptiste Gossein - F 61

The french wave king. Highly respected in the waves and known on land for being the funniest guy around.

Status: Waves.

Robby Swift - K 89
Definitely back on the scene, after a few years with injuries. 2008 looks a Swift Year.

Status: Bigwave rider

Andre Paskowski - G 2

The german freestyler who has alot of Brazilian water time, after three seasons in Jericoacoara. Always wearing gold in Europe.

Status: Current European champion freestyle (2007)

Normen Günzlein - G 186

The second german freestyler on the Beach Search, and a familiar face in Jeri.

Status: Always placing high in international competitions

Ivana Farias - BRA 770

The girl from Fortaleza, who prior to Club Ventos Beach Search has surfed the whole coast from Fortaleza to Jeri. Talk about experience.

Status: Ceará experience.

Levi Lenz - BRA 91

One of the locals on this trip. Has 1000s of hours on the waters all along the norteastern Brazilian coast.

Status: Brazilian Young Gun

Emma Johansson - S 37

The Swedish windsurfer who brings alot of experience of rough conditions, due to the harsh coast of Sweden.

Status: Babe of the year (Boardseeker mag)

Anna Jönsson - S 78

Another Swedish hardcore girl. With 3 years on the PWA tour and months abroad in different spots, she is a given Beach Searcher.

Status: Heaps of freestyle talent

Ian Mouro Lemos - BRA 85

The PWA pro from Jericoacoara. More experienced of the beaches around Ceará than the fishermen.

Status: Experience. Experience.

Vicky Sanchez - E 360

The super talanted Spanish girl who's been enjoying the waters of Ceará for two seasons.

Status: Full power.