Gary Crossley - Boards UK

The Brit on the trip. Try to wordbattle this guy, sharpest pen north of Dover since shakespeare. Also a great photographer. Ok, you know all this. But what you didnt know is that Gary is a British Lord. Lord Gary. 3rd time to Brazil.

Julian Schlosser - Planchemag FRA

The official Photographer on the trip, and also Chief Editor of Planchemag. Passionated about his work, and a Brazilian returner, as this trip is his second to the Ceará coast.

Arnaud Deschamps - Planchemag FRA

The french reporter. Would probably be voted as the funniest guy on the trip. Is he serious? Yeap, sometimes. Equipment test chief for Planchemag. 2nd time to Brazil.

Alex Lehmann - Windsurfing Journal GER

One of the more radical surfers on the trip, including the PWA riders. This Kiel guy could choose to continue his path as a brilliant journalist or hit the PWA tour. 2nd time to Brazil.

Josh Sampiero - Windsurfing US

The litterature man from Florida. A good combination of books and windsurfing would sum up this talented guy. 2nd time in Brazil.

Mart Kuperij - Motion Soul NED

The young Dutch guy who always carry a sharp pen, a freestyle board and pickup lines in his hand. 2nd time to Brazil.

Michel Figuera - Surf A Vela ESP

Our Amigo from Spain. He must have taken 5000 picture of the trip, and filled up three notebooks. Always up earliest in the mornings and still seemed to be the last one standing at night. The only Brazil rookie of the journalists, as this was Michel's first visit to Ceará.