Fabio Nobre

Mr. ClubVentos. The guy with the brain. The founder of ClubVentos and the first Beach Searcher in Brazil. If someone knows the spots around, its this guy.

Peter Svensson

ClubVentos' marketing manager, and the man behind the camera. Co-developer of ClubVentos Beach Search and is currently feeding you with our media from his kitchen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

aka Peter Film

Ricardo Ramalho

ClubVentos' "man behind the scene". An extraordinary logistical manager. If you ask him to find, within 10 minutes, a pen which speaks, he'll be back in 8.

Eliane Costa

ClubVentos' Operational Manager. Superskilled woman who keeps an army of people working in perfect sync, and smiling all the time. Highly needed.

Cleison Silva

The second cameraman on the trip. Easy going Jericoacoara native.

Commandor Veras

ClubVentos Beach Search helicopter pilot. Professional and the coolest guy on the team.

Marcelo Fachinni

ClubVentos Beach Search's transportation manager. Never stops talking, and never stops driving.

Buggy drivers

Baratão, Magal, João Gaúcho, Jonas, Vagner, Secretário, Bastião, Cleison, Raimundo, Benones and José Carlos


ClubVentos' janitor and logistical assistant on ClubVentos Beach Search. And a BBQ master!

Fausto Santini

ClubVentos' equipment manager. Fausto not only kicks butt on the water, he's also a super nice guy, and awesome at fixing even the worst repairs.

Argeu Pereira

ClubVentos Beach Search equipment supervisor. Always keeping the rigs trimmed.

This list of people could go on for ever. ClubVentos Beach Search happend because many people interacted towards the same goal. We had people cooking, cleaning, booking hotel rooms, doing airport transfers and several other tasks.